sound design

For over a decade, Noah was one of Canada's busiest and most sought-after sound designers. He has collaborated with many of North America's finest theatre, dance, and new music artists and organizations, and has been honoured with six Jessie Richardson awards (19 total nominations) and a Siminovitch Prize nomination. Named by The Georgia Straight as one of the stars of the Vancouver scene, Noah's music and sound have been heard across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Currently, he keeps active on a highly selective roster of projects.

What makes Noah distinctive as a sound designer is that — while well-trained as both a composer and a technician — his designs & compositions fundamentally informed by his ongoing work as a director, actor, and playwright. He brings to his work a combination of musical expertise, technical proficiency, and a deep sense of theatrical storytelling.

I believe great sound design is evocative, cohesive, meticulous, and — most importantly — serves the playwright's intent, the director's vision, and the audience's theatrical experience. The sound should viscerally draw the audience in to the story; it should activate each audience member's nervous system in such a way that makes them feel like something that matters is taking place right in this instant. "